Ceci N’est Pas Une Introduction

How do I start out introducing something that’s really about nothing? What the hell do I even say?

That I’m bored?

That my life lacks challenge?

That I need a project?

That this is essentially the Seinfeld of blogs? Although I guess the implication that this is a blog about nothing wouldn’t be entirely correct. It’s a story. It’s a story about a woman enamored with academia and scientific pursuit who gave it all up to get a “real job”, and how she’s once again trying to find meaning in her work. You know, the story of Bourgie Von Quityourbitching.

So again, this isn’t necessarily a blog about nothing, it’s a blog about nothing important.

Because really, at the very root of all of this, it’s the ultimate problem of the bourgeois–what do I do with my life to give it meaning?? It’s so fucking Disney Princess. I, despite the privilege of employment (at a livable wage at that), want MOARRRR.

Oh, shut up.

Oh, shut up.

I want something beyond playing on the Internet after work to take up my time. I want to keep myself accountable of my educational pursuits. I want to reach a wide range of rational people (on the Interwebz?? Surely you JEST!) unaware of the kyriarchy and present it in an accessible way (i.e., with crass language and dick jokes). I want to inspire thought, and critical thought at that. I want to put my most fucked up thoughts in the ether so that I can go to sleep at night knowing that someone else now bears the responsibility of thinking the same.

And honestly? Because I need something to do. And that’s not only according to me. Oh no. That’s third-party confirmation, baby. I’m like a less attractive, shorter, sicker, uninteresting version of BBC’s titular Sherlock (Sher-not?)–I need to keep busy or I will surely set something on fire.

Among the third parties that would confirm my need to keep busy is my husband and life partner. He’s absolute perfection despite his penchant for leaving half-empty glasses of water all over the house. Seriously. Motherfucker will literally take a cup, fill it with water, sip on it for an hour, and then forget about it until it’s time to do dishes and we have NO GLASSES. And then we’ll find them under the sink, and on the nightstand, and in the oven (no fucking joke), and in the dog kennel.

So he’s pretty damn close to perfection. He’s got the whole good-looking Bruce-Wayne-slash-sexy-martial-artist-slash-badass thing down pat, although thankfully, does not possess the enormous amount of broodiness Batman does. If anything, his badassery is more on par with the Jedi; super zen, and possessing a quiet sort of intellect that I think is better suited to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Oh my God, I am married to Obi-Wayne.

Seriously though, those fucking cups…

But Obi-Wayne isn’t the only one I live with. Every (anti-) hero has to have a trusty animal sidekick, and we, of course, have our trusty pup. As in, we can always trust this fool to pee everywhere at all times based on his ability to emote.

I am not kidding.

Happy to see you? Pees.

Sad that you’re leaving? Pees.

Shamed for peeing everywhere? Pees some more.

Grateful that you forgave him from the shaming he received as a result of the previous accident? Peeeeeees. EVERYWHERE.

But God help him, he is the cutest little shit in existence (had to break up the piss-continuity with a little shit).

Lastly and central to this world is me. I am queer. I am a woman. I am a person of color. I have a disability. And I have a loud, crass, fucking mouth. You have my full permission to hate me (the rest of society has already made itself clear on what it thinks of queer disabled women of color who speak their minds). I am emphatically academically-minded and spent a great deal of time entrenched in both libraries and laboratories alike. I can’t call myself a fully-fledged scientist though, as I’ve demonstrated pretty explicitly that I’m incapable of pursuing one subject fully. I’m like polyamorous, academic slut.

That said, I’m very comfortable asserting that I am, at the very least, a foaming-at-the-mouth science enthusiast, so you will occasionally catch me licking the glass at a physics or neuro convention because Fuck You, it’s Science, that’s why.

Because I am who I am, a good portion of this blog will be dedicated to things that piss people off: the many “‘isms” still rampant in that little thing we call society, queer culture, gender, power and privilege, feminism, politics, economics, that sinking feeling you get when you realize that someone has indeed, eaten your corn pops, and other horrors.

…But then again, there will be a number of posts featured here that will explore things that may or may not produce a visceral reaction: Motherfucking Science, random observation while riding public transit, food, saving the 64-bit world for no other reason than nostalgia’s sake, and all other things geeky.

Ultimately though, this is, regardless of all the externalities, my world. Bourgieness and bitching will henceforth ensue. Now don’t say I didn’t warn you.